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I moved from Nevada to California .i renewed my road auto service membership in California , changing my address n codes . The person who helped me made a mistake and send me Nevada codes n charged me Nevada rates , which s more.i called to fix it , and they adviced me to cancel my membership ,get a refund , and renew my membership again with California codes . I did , and they never sent me the refund . I was expecting 124, which I payed the first time .Second time I payed 102 . They charged both ! And never refunded me for the first one .
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AAA Contact Information-CA/NV

Good Morning Alfonso,


My name is Andrea Fiedler and I am from AAA's Southern Region. Unfortunately, we do not govern the area that you reside.  To speak to a representative from California/Nevada, please call 800.222.4357. Please let me know how else I can help.


Best regards,


Andrea Fiedler


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