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Unethical Behavior

I would appreciate some assistance in s resolution of an issue that surfaced in our recent move to El Paso, TX. First off let me state that I have chargeable accident's, that is not in dispute. What is has to do with the insurance agent's verbal promise to my wife of having me added to our Auto Policy after a month's time without any additional cost. I thought it was strange when my wife presented this to me but I went along with it since we needed Auto & home insurance. The agent sold us Auto, Home & of course the membership with AAA. Upon contacting the agent yesterday he seemed not to remember but again told me their would not be a problem & would be sending over a revised policy. He again asked for my driver license (still CA since we have not been able to register the vehicle due to my lack of insurance). I have not hear back from the agent. I would verymuch like a phone call from the appropriate area in order to resolve this manner.
Devin Gilson
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AAA Contact Information- El Paso, TX

Good Afternoon Devin,


My name is Andrea Fiedler and I am from AAA. I apologize for the delay in responding to your concern. Unfortunately, we do not govern the area that you reside.  To speak to an Agent that can update you about your Insurance policy in Texas, please call 1-800-765-0766 (press option #1, then press option #4). Please let me know how else I can help.


Best regards,


Andrea Fiedler

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