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Very disappointed!

On Thursday 8/11/2016 I called AAA because I had ran out of gas and was parked at a gas station that I thought was going to be open. Mind you it's 4am. The person that works at AAA was having a hard time finding the location of the gas station. I had to go in the middle of the street to let him know what the street name was because I was not familiar with the location. He told me someone would be there BY 5am. It is now 5:20 am and no one had arrived yet! I called them back and said no one has showed up i've been waiting for about an hour now. I heard a guy in the background say "well the gas station opens in 5 minutes." This is so rude and not cool! I am pregnant and had to be at work if that was the case I would have never even gave AAA a call. No one returned my call to see if I was all set, nothing. Worst customer service ever. I pay for my AAA so there is no reason why I should be given q hard time. I need someone to contact me ASAP or I will keep complaining.
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Contact Information

Hi StephanieD


I am truly sorry that this has happened to you. Please email me at with your contact information and member number, and I will have a member of our leadership team contact you.


Best regards,


Andrea Fiedler-AAA

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