7 Jaw-Dropping Ways Canada Will Take Your Breath Away

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The world’s second-largest country offers some of the most dramatic, unspoiled scenery in North America. Canada has ragged cliffs and stunning coastlines, jutting mountains and peaceful valleys. Here are seven reasons you should consider making a visit to our northern neighbor.


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A version of this story appears in the May/June 2015 issue of AAA Living magazine.


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by cw3henry
on ‎05-02-2015 01:11 PM

Imagine my delight when I saw your cover Explore Canada! I was thrilled. As a former Canadian resident I was so pleased, that pleasure turned to dismay when I discovered it was NOT Explore Canada, but merely explore Alberta West and Quebec East. 


While Toronto and its environs gets lots of publicity, I will never understand why magazines and not just yours, overlooks Manitoba and Saskatchewan! The possible exception of those two areas is Churchill and its Polar Bears. Manitoba has beautiful lakes, more festivals than you can shake a stick at, a world-class ballet company and art gallery, a great symphony and stunning scenery - winter or summer. Saskatchewan too, has wonderful scenery and terrific cities. Why do you consistently ignore these two provinces? 


I am now bitterly disappointed, as is my husband. Please consider that Canada is more than just two coasts, there is some wonderful filling in the middle! 

by Torontofred2013
on ‎06-03-2015 11:30 AM

I agree with cw3henry.   Few Americans actually have a working knowledge of Canada.  What we have here in this article is re-cycled information.   It is not original.  Someone took a previous article and re-worked it.  I see it again and again.  And quite frankly, I'm sick of Green Gables. 


Imagine someone describing United States via California, New England and Florida.   Get the idea?


Yes, British Columbia, Alberta west, and Quebec are fantastic as is Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.  But there's Newfoundland, Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta (east).  The history awesome. Canada was invaded by the United States and beaten back both in the 1775s (Quebec) and 1812.  Check out why the White House is called, well, the White House.   The heritage out of this world.  The largest Italian population outside of Italy is in Toronto.  The largest French speaking city outside of France is Montreal.  The largest rodeo in the world is the Calgary Stampede.  Heritage translates to flavour, colours, the arts, music, enlightenment, life!  That's just the provinces.  Then there are the territories up north.  


Just a few months ago my American wife and I visited Ottawa, Ontario.  Wonderful time. On one outing, we took in the Canadian War Museum.  My wife was floored.  She had no idea what Canada did in the first and second world wars.  Up until then she relied on Hollywood propaganda.  She felt a bit embarrassed.  Scenery is fine but the life of a country, its heart and soul, is also important.  What makes Canadiens (Fr) different from Americans?  Think of it that way. Work that angle.  


I understand that you have limited space but for the heck of it mention that there are other provinces.  Maybe run three spreads.  Point to other web sites for more information.   Canada is huge.   On the other hand, maybe you just wanted to fill space.  



By the way, my wife was so impressed with Canada, she wants us to move to Ottawa when we retire.

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